I am Jessie

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Last year I was doing a lot of skating on my rollerblade skates also known as Edwards Chocolate. I got them for some unheard small price at a bulk store which was about to close. The skates have served their master well and sometimes better than others. Those skates have given me bleeding knees, bleeding elbows, bruises and broken bones, but I still can't imagine living without them. They are like women but I can live with them.

My skating equipment consists of kneepads, elbow pads, helmet, wrist pads and a first aid kit. I use the first aid kit when I hurt a bone or when I start leaking blood.

I keep wondering what keeps me skating. It could be my free will or it could be God but the more I think about it the more I realize that it's ignorance. I used to say to myself: “You won't get hurt this time” but you know what? I was fucking wrong. If something can go wrong it probably will and me getting hurt badly wearing my rollerskates is a thing that is bound to miserable failure. I have broken my wrist about six times and I have even broken the equipment, I have made car owners go nuts because I accidentally hit their parked car and scratched the paint job. I have caused havoc and chaos and I have suffered at the emergency room but at some point it was worth it.

Rollerskating has a special effect on me. It relaxes me unlike all other sports I have tried it keeps my adrenalin running for hours. I feel so alive when skating and there's maybe a reason. Every single time I have gone skating on rails and ramps and other skatepark related obstacles, I have inflicted pain on my self. I am good enough not to fall and get hurt but I fall and get hurt anyway. I can do combos and airtricks successfully but when I for example get a sms I lose focus, fall and bleed. When a female is present I fall even harder. I am unfortunately a guy who likes to impress chicks and when they watch me skate I try to impress them and when I focus on a girl I don't focus on skating and when I don't focus on skating I fall, kiss concrete and bleed.

The sms's I get are always from females and it seems that the only thing distracting me is the opposite sex. I like women but I also like skating and while skating is an physical activity unlike women, they are just a pain in the ass unless they keep their mouths shut. Their charm and their beauty is hard to notice when I realize that they are the primary reason for all the pain and all the blood.

If the girls weren't there I wouldn't get hurt. Therefore I come to the simple conclusion: Women are evil (but my girlfriend isn't).

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Turn the Other Cheek

Is violence ever an acceptable response to violence? If everyone turned the other cheek there would be no violence. Why is it so hard? One can keep asking oneself that question forever, without ever getting an answer. Why can’t we just be friends?

The world we live in today is corrupt, brutal and violent. There is violence everywhere. We see terror, we see war, but what can we do about it? I think that if we want to fight violence then we must use violence, because those who violate are often violent people, and if they are violent they are used to violence. If they are used to violence they will fight back that means we have to use a force greater than the one those who violate posses e.g. in the war on terror. George W. Bush is a respectful man but he is also what I would call rather insane. As a response to the tragedy on September 11th 2001 he bombed Iraq which I believe was an act of desperation and not of strategy. He saw his people suffer so he sent his soldiers to make some other people suffer.

To fight violence with violence is hard. You have to eliminate the violators to eliminate the violence, but if you eliminate someone you use violence and that means you haven’t eliminated violence. So what George Bush has done is theoretically correct. But it is stupid to make a too quick decision if you are the president. I imagine that when USA withdraws their military forces the war on terror will end, but the war on USA will start. He has done the right thing but the terrorist groups will respond. They will gather strength and strike when none expect it.

To turn the other cheek is the solution to our unbalanced equation which no one can seem to solve. But because of our nature it is impossible. The big problem in men is honor. One will not let other men violate what one owns/rules, nor will he let anyone violate his relatives. Therefore I come to a simple conclusion: Fight back if you can win, otherwise turn the other cheek.